Loads, Trips, & Manifests

What are Loads and Trips in LoadOps? 

Loads and Trips have different functions- read more about these differences in the table below. 

Loads Trips

Loads represents income and commodities.

Trips are used to represent expenses & movement

Loads are created by users.

Trips are created by LoadOps when a load is added to the system. A trip includes the drivers planned route (the drivers HOS is included in planning). The trip ID will match the corresponding Load ID. 
The load panel has nine tabs The trip panel has two tabs



If the status of a load/trip is updated by a user, the status of the corresponding trip/load will be updated by LoadOps to match. 

The table below goes over load & trip statuses. The last two columns indicate if a status is available to either a load or trip. 

Status Status Description Loads Trips
The load is ready to be added to a driver's schedule.
The load has been added to a driver schedule but has not been sent to the driver. 
This load has been added to a driver's schedule, and has been sent to the driver
The Load is dispatched and is enroute to the first stop or has arrived at the first stop. 
The Load is dispatched, the first stop has been completed, and is now enroute to the next location.  
The last load stop has been completed. At this point an invoice will be created in the invoice page with the status of "ready to invoice"

The load has been cancelled- can also be marked as "cancelled, not invoiceable." 
The load has been marked as invoiced. X
The load is marked as paid.  X

The status of both a load and a trip can be updated by using the menu button on the side panel:


Load Actions

The status of a Load can be changed using the menu button on the top right-hand corner of the Load panel. Use the guide below to see which actions are available for each status. 

Action Visible for the following Statuses
Duplicate All status
Mark as Complete Available
Mark as Canceled Available
Delete Load All Status
Revert to Available Planned
Assign Driver Planned
Revert to Plan Assigned
Dispatch Assigned
Mark as Invoiced Completed
Mark as Paid Invoiced
Revert to Completed Invoiced
Revert to Invoiced Paid