Add Trailer

This article summarizes how to add your trailers to LoadOps

You can add your trailers to Web App from the Import Option (Import Data) available under Settings.

You can also import the data within the Operations ▶️ Equipment ▶️ Trailer section by clicking on the upward arrow button as shown below.

To add trailer manually, go to Operations ➡️ Equipment ➡️ Trailer ➡️ Click on "Add Trailer"

Enter all the trailer details and click "Add Trailer" as shown below.

There are five different details to enter while creating a trailer.

They are:

  1. Registration
  2. Tracking
  3. Ownership
  4. Trailer Details
  5. Insurance

Under Registration, enter the Registration details and upload the document by clicking on the "Upload" option shown below. Only the Trailer number is required but the more information you keep up to date, the more organized your profile will be.

Registration includes:

  • Trailer Name/#
  • VIN #
  • Registration #
  • State
  • Registration Expiration

Under Tracking, enter the Tracking details as shown below. 

Tracking includes:

  • Location
  • Source (GPS or ELD)
  • Odometer

Under Tracking, enter the Tracking details as shown below. 

Under Ownership, enter the ownership details as shown below.

Ownership includes:

  • Owned by (who owns the Tractor)
  • Phone number
  • Owned email
  • Address
  • Whether Tractor is Owned, Leased, or Contracted

Under Trailer Details, enter the details as shown below.

Trailer Details include:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Type
  • Length (ft)
  • GVW (lbs) - Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Payload Capacity(lbs)

Under Insurance, enter the Insurance details and upload the document by clicking on the "Upload" option shown below.

Insurance includes:
  • File Upload
  • Insurance Provider
  • Valid Dates

In addition to the equipment section, you can view equipment assigned to  your drivers in the Team Driver section under Operations.



Trailer Settings

Click on the Square Box shown below to maximize the trailer window.

There are different statuses of Trailers as below:

Status Description Next Action
Unavailable Trailer is unavailable to assign to a Driver -Mark as Available 
Available Trailer is available to assign to a Driver -Assign to Driver
-Mark as Unavailable
Assigned Trailer is assigned to a driver -Mark as Available

You cannot delete a trailer if it is assigned to any Driver or if it is part of any load.

You can go to Operations▶️ Equipment ▶️ Trailers to view the list of trailers.

You can click on any trailer to view the trailer details as shown below.

There are three different sections available for a trailer.

1) General

2) Alerts Tab

3) Maintenance

Under the General section of drivers, Assign Driver is only available to Available Trailers.  For Unavailable Trailers, it is greyed out. You can see the Driver details if the tractor is assigned to any driver.

Under the General section, you will find the details entered while creating the trailer, you can go to any field and edit them if required.

Under the Alerts Tab section, click on the "+" option as shown below to add an alert for the trailer.


Enter the details while adding the alert as shown below

Under the Maintenance section, click on the "+" option as shown below to add the maintenance activity for the trailer.

Enter the details as shown below while adding a new maintenance record.


You can filter a trailer by Name, Status, Trailer in Transit, and Safety Issues as shown below.

Click on All Filters as shown above to apply a wide variety of filters.

Click on the settings icon from the image (add image number) to show/hide columns as shown below.

You can also download all the trailer details by clicking on "DOWNLOAD TABLE DATA" as shown above.