Teams Module

Overview of how to make Driver Teams in LoadOps



Teams can be created in the operations section (Operations ▶️ Driver Groups). 

Once your team is created, you can assign a solo driver or team after a load is created from the Load List view. Please find these workflows and examples below.  

Here are a few details to keep in mind before you get started: 

  1. Teams will respect HOS rules
  2. Driver settlements are based on the miles driven per driver
  3. Payment terms can be defined for a driver when they are running solo or part of a team

How to Set Up a Team

Follow these steps to set up your team:

  • Confirm the drivers are in LoadOps and Active by going to Settings ▶️ Users ▶️ Drivers
    1. If you need to create a driver, click here to view an article to help you
  • Select each driver and click the Payment Terms tab
    1. Within the Load Rate section, click  "+" and choose the appropriate Pay Type
    2. Make sure the Operation Mode is set for the Team so that LoadOps will calculate the correct driver settlement when this driver is part of a team
  • Start by navigating from Operations ▶️ Team Driver and click Create Team.
  • Add the Primary Driver, and Secondary Driver, and click Create (see Image 2)




Team- 3


Managing the Team: Driver Dispatches

After your team is created, you will see new rows within the Driver Dispatch Gantt chart that will show your team.

A team is signified by an icon with two people along with both drivers’ names (see Image 3). A solo driver is signified by an icon with one person along with the driver’s name





Assigning a Load to a Team

  • Within the Load List view, click on the second option Need Driver  (see Image 4).

    Team-5                                                               Image-4
  • Click on the Load ID to open the load, here in the above image-4 you can consider the first load 101.
  • A new window will pop up, select the second section Routes and you would  find the option below to Assign Driver you can refer to image-5


Driver Settlements on Loads

Within the Financials tab, you can view each driver’s Settlement Expenses to make sure they are paid appropriately within the Driver Settlements section (see Image 6). These settlement expenses are calculated by LoadOps based on the Payment Terms within each driver’s profile