Loads FAQs

How is revenue per day calculated in the load selection?

Based on appointment times and distances provided by the load board, we estimate the amount of time required to complete the load. This calculation takes into account the driver’s current location as well as his projected/current hours of service. Sometimes, loads can be completed in a fraction of a day, in which case you will see revenue per day greater than actual revenue.

How do I edit driver preferences?

Driver preferences for your current drivers can be edited through the driver mobile app. To set the preferences for all future drivers, go to Settings ➡️ Preferences ➡️ Drivers (then edit preferences).

How do I edit a load?

To edit a load, go to the load detail page.

Any general information of a load (commodity type, notes and customer information) can be edited from the ‘General Info’ tab.

To edit stop information of a load, go to Stops on Load ➡️ Configure Stops ➡️ Edit stop. You can only edit a stop if it is not completed.

Load financials like revenue and payments can be edited from the ‘Financials’ tab.

Where do I find a load's detail page?

Go to a load’s detail page by clicking on any load on the ‘Loads’ page.

Load’s details page can also be accessed by clicking on an assigned load from the ‘Drivers’ page or by clicking on any load from the ‘Smart Timeline’ tab of a driver.

I assigned a load to my driver, but he is unable to see the load on his mobile. What should I do?

Please verify that you have offered the load to your driver. Loads that are planned are not visible on the driver mobile app.

Alternatively, your driver might be in a location with poor data coverage. In this case, the load will appear on your driver’s mobile app when enters an area with better coverage.

How do I create, duplicate or delete a load?

A load can be created directly from the Loads page using the ‘Create New Load’ option. It can also be created by converting a quote into a load.

A load can be duplicated by clicking on the image2020-2-14_16-26-32 option under each load on the Loads page.

To delete a load, go to the load detail page and delete it using ‘Delete this load’ option