Scheduling Driver Time Off

Overview of how to schedule driver time off in LoadOps


Driver time off can be scheduled through the web or mobile app. It is important to accurately schedule a driver’s time off, so LoadOps only assigns loads during the available time of a driver. Trip plans to and from the time off location are generated accordingly by LoadOps. Unexecuted Driver Time Off is one of the most common factors preventing driver de-activation.

Scheduling from the Web App

From the left menu, click Dispatch ➡️ select the driver. On the right-hand, you will see the driver screen, click on 3 dots ➡️ Request Time-off. Clicking on Request Time-off option will reveal the Set Time Off window. 

beta.loadops.com_dispatch (1)-3

Set Time Off

Within the Set Time Off window, enter the details of the driver’s time off, along with the Duration of the time off, and click Save.

The time off would then show up in the driver’s timeline just as a load would, both on the web and mobile app.

beta.loadops.com_dispatch (1)-4


As an example, this driver has time off occurring in San Francisco from December 28 to December 30 for a total of 2 days and 15 mins.

beta.loadops.com_dispatch (3)


The image below shows the time off within the driver’s Smart Timeline where you can edit the Time Off, Activate the Time Off and Delete.


beta.loadops.com_dispatch (4)


The image below shows the time off within the Driver Dispatch Gantt chart.

beta.loadops.com_dispatch (1)-Dec-29-2022-02-28-12-3284-PM


The driver has the option to select View Details to confirm the information, delete the entry, or edit the details.

Scheduling from the Mobile App


A driver can schedule time off from within the Load Ops mobile app, so they are not assigned loads when they are unavailable.

Click on Trips, you will find Request Time off option.


Select Time off option ➡️Add Time off Location➡️Time Off start date & time➡️ Time Off End date & time➡️Create Request.


Once all the information is added, tap Create. The time off will then show up within the mobile and web app.