Lane Rates Powered By Cargo Chief (Inactive)

The partnership with Cargo Chief was canceled due to the determination that it did not provide enough value for the rate per user they were requesting.

LoadOps has partnered with Cargo Chief to provide real-time lane rates. Once enabled, live lane rate data can be accessed when selecting the "$" icon on the market rate column for a specific Load. 

The guide below provides a walkthrough on how to access the real-time lane rates. 


How do Cargo Chiefs Real-time Lane-rates compare to the market rates currently in LoadOps?

Without Cargo Chiefs Real Time Lane-rates, the amount calculated in the Market Rate Column is a 2-week aggregate and does not reflect the most up-to-date rates.


How do these rates compare to DAT?

DAT RateView uses a mix of data after loads have been delivered that includes load postings, where Cargo Chief processes transactions as soon as loads are booked, emphasizing the pickup date. Instead of providing an average like DAT, Cargo Chief provides a forecasted rate based off real-time data and transactions within the last few days.


Are these brokers rates only? Does this include shipper rates?

Cargo Chief rates are broker to carrier rates only. Unlike DAT who includes pricing from large brokers and shippers that can skew rates due to different buying power, Cargo Chief rates are more representative of the market as whole with more accurate prices.+