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Manage contracts for dedicated freight and apply contract rates to loads within LoadOps.

Locating Contracts

There are two locations within LoadOps where you can view contracts:

1. Settings - Contracts

This is where you can conveniently view all of your contracts in one place.

2. Operations - Contacts - Customer Sidebar

View contracts for a specific customer

Creating Contracts

Contract lanes can be created by city center, zip code, or based on mileage bands. Alternatively, you can import contract data from a spreadsheet. 

See our import guide for help importing your contract data.

Applying Contracts to Loads

A contractual rate can be applied to a load either during the initial load creation or edited on the invoice of an active load. You can do this by clicking on the three dots in the "Rate" section. 

To apply a contract on an active load, go to the invoice section of the sidebar and select the three dots of the load you'd like to edit, and select "Edit".


From here you can navigate to the rate section which will have the option to apply a contract. You can click the refresh icon to the right of the contract selection to reset the existing rate to follow only what is in the contract.