Contacts FAQs

How do I edit my customer or location?

The Customers section in the left menu contains three subsections:

  1. Customers: Click on a customer to go to its details page. You can edit customer details by clicking on ‘Edit Customer’. You can edit the contact information of the customer here too.
  2. Vendors: Companies you use and possibly have expenses with
  3. Locations: Click on a location to go to its details page. You can edit location details by clicking on ‘Edit Location’. You can edit any of the contact information of the location her too.

How do I create customer alerts? 

What is the difference between creating a 'location contact' and a customer?

Customers are the people whose freight you move. The contact info on the customer is primarily used for billing purposes.

Location contacts are the contact details of the destination and origin of the loads.

How do I share tracking with my customer?

Share tracking information of a load with our customers once the load is picked up. Go to load details and click on Share Tracking. This copies the tracking link to your clipboard. Now you can send that link to the customer through email, text and more. Share Tracking

How do I see all my customers?

A customer can be a broker or a shipper. To view all your customers, go to the Customers page, then select ‘Shipper|Broker’ from the quick filters.

How do I set my customer to always use a factoring company?

You can edit an existing customer to use your factoring company by default. To do this, select “yes” on the “Use Factoring ?” field while editing a customer.