Customer Management


In loadOps, customer profiles can be created and associated with loads for billing purposes. Customers are the people whose freight you move and carry loads for.  

Adding a Customer

Go to Operations>Contacts>Customers>Add Customer to create a new customer. 

When adding a Customer you will be able to note the following

Customer Name: Name of the customer

Rating: A thumbs up/down rating can be provided to note the ease of doing business with the customer.

Address: Address of the customer.

Contacts: This includes the name, email address, and phone number of the shipper or brokers.

Follow the below guide to learn how to add Customer in LoadOps 

Managing Customers

Customer table page: Customers can be filtered by the following options

  • Customer Name
  • Contact
  • Type
  • Preferred/Prohibited
  • MC #
  • Factoring
  • State
  • Address

Learn more about table settings & filters in our help article here


Delete a Customer:  Selecting a Customer opens the customer panel; from here customers can be edited and deleted as shown below. 

app.loadops.com_operations_contacts (3)


If a Customer is referred to in any Load then you cannot remove the Customer until the load is deleted or the Customer is removed from the load.