LoadOps EDI

What is LoadOps EDI?

LoadOps EDI enables carriers to exchange information electronically with other businesses & Shippers.

With this feature, carriers can view loads shared via EDI, book or reject loads, and send shipment status updates. EDI also includes automatic load creation in LoadOps, which eliminates manual data entry and results in a more efficient and streamlined shipping process.

Setting Up an EDI integration

Please contact LoadOps support team at loadops.support@loadops.com to initiate an integration for LoadOps EDI.

Note: Your SCAC code is needed to setup an EDI integration. Please enter your SCAC code in the company preference section.


Using EDI In LoadOps

Once one or multiple EDI connections are enabled for your account, available loads will be displayed under the Loads>Load Tenders tab. From here you will be able to view load details, accept or reject loads, and import accepted loads into LoadOps for dispatch.

Use the guide below to see how EDI can further enable your operations.