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Finance & Accounting FAQs


Where do I find my driver's earnings?

A driver’s earnings can be viewed in the driver’s settlement section. Depending on how you have scheduled your settlements you can see how much your driver earns in a given time period.

How do I create an expense in LoadOps? 

How do I add a Fuel Expense in LoadOps? 

Can I share my invoice revenue with my customer?

Yes. You can either download the invoice from the invoice page and send an email to your customer or you can follow the following steps to send the invoice directly within LoadOps: Invoices → select any invoice → click on the email icon on top of the list → send the email to the customer with the invoice attachment.

How do I add a dispatcher settlement to a trip? 

How do I update expenses and charges on my load?

All expenses and charges of a load can be edited from the ‘Financials’ tab of a load: Loads ➡️ Load Detail ➡️ Financials ➡️ Settlement Expenses.

How do I send an invoice to my factoring company? 

How do I edit the revenue of my load?

Load revenue can be edited from the financials section of a load: Load details ➡️ Financials ➡️  Edit items under Invoice Line Items.

How far in the past can I retrieve my invoice data?

Data is presented for the past two years in LoadOps

How do I add a TONU in a Canceled Load?