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Whats New in April

To Navigate to the LoadOps Web Application, go to LoadOps Web Application (https://app.loadops.com)

When you first log in, you will be see a new Dashboard with the navigation bar to the left. 

In the bottom right we have a resource center with a Feedback tool to submit requests and bug reports directly to the product team.


Biggest Changes in LoadOps:

  1. The concept of "Trips" has been introduced.  We will go into more detail on this but Trips and relays are essentially replacing split loads.  Loads = Invoices & Trips=Expenses. Trips will lay the groundwork for the implementation of LTL Loads in the first update after LoadOps goes live.
  2. Side Panels: LoadOps brings all the data to the data grid by opening Detail Panels on the right of the screen
  3. Custom View Tabs: You may notice some data is already filtered.  These tabs are on the top of the screen and additional custom view tabs can be created
  4. Loadboard Search: Your loadboard search is no longer buried in your Driver Smart Timeline.  You can now search multiple loadboards simultaneously without designating a driver.  If you are still looking for that Gap Planning/Tour Planning functionality, you can select a driver in the upper right corner
  5. REPORTING! Not only has the Advanced Report improved significantly but there is now an API OUT Data connection.  The API Key can be generated in the Settings > Preferences Menu and the URL will be generated when creating the advanced report
  6. Expense Mapping: Automatic mapping of expense deduction imports to driver and tractor settlements
  7. More Accurate Locations: Increased location update frequency of ELD Integrations
  8. Alerts: System-wide alerts are programmable to automatically update customers, drivers, and users
  9. Market Rate Data: Integrated data from Cargo Chief to supply real market rate comparison for loadboard searches
  10. LTL and additional expense features soon to come!