Load Brokerage (Beta)

Overview of Load Brokerage in LoadOps


The LoadOps brokerage feature enables you to broker a load to an external carrier and manage their payments. Carriers are managed under Operations>contacts>carriers. Learn more about Carriers in our Carrier article.

Assigning a Carrier and adding Carrier Payments

You can broker a trip in LoadOps. You can have a load split into multiple trips and choose to broker only a partial leg (trip) of the load. 

To broker a trip, click on the "Brokered" Toggle next to the trip ID on the load/manifest panel (also on the trips panel).

This will ask you to enter carrier information instead of driver/equipment information.

After selecting a carrier, you will be able to click on the option to add payment details and enter the payment information for the carrier. 

Follow the below guide on how to assign a Carrier to a Load and add payment terms for the Carrier

Only trips can be brokered in LoadOps. If a load is broken into multiple trips, then you have to broker all the trips individually. Also, a brokered trip can have multiple loads if it was created from the manifest.

Managing Carrier Payments

Navigate to the Finance Panel of the Load to view the Carrier Payment

Carrier Payment has two statuses

1) Pending - When the Trip is completed or Canceled then the status becomes pending

2) Closed - You can manually change the status to Closed as shown below

Closed carrier payment cannot be edited. To reopen a closed carrier payment, simply access the options menu next to the payment status and select the "re-open" option.

Brokered loads on the Load & Trip Page

  • On the load page brokered trips for a load will be displayed in the "brokered" column. 
  • On the trip page brokered trips are identified in the "brokered" column.
  • The "Brokered" filter can be used to search for brokered or non-brokered loads.
  • The brokered column can be hidden using table settings

Brokered loads do not appear in the dispatch section (Dispatch page) as these loads are dispatched by external carriers.