LoadOps Geofencing

What is Geofencing in LoadOps? 

Geofencing is the act of drawing a perimeter/boundary around a location. 

When using Geofencing in conjunction with the driver mobile app, LoadOps can intelligently identify when a driver crosses the geofence boundary and can notify both the dispatcher and the driver.

This enables greater accuracy and visibility into a load progress and reduces dependency on external ELDs. 

Setting up a Geofence on a location level 

A Geofence boundary can be set on a per location basis. To set a boundary for a location, go to Operations> Contacts> Locations & Create a new location or select an existing location to add a Geofence. 

Follow the guide below to learn more. 

Setting a global Geofence radius for all locations

Alternatively, a global Geofence radius can be set for all locations. This radius will be applied to locations that do not have a manually set Geofence. 

Go to Settings>Set default radius for geofence in order to set your custom radius.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 115227


Geofencing in the driver mobile app 

Drivers crossing a geofence boundary will receive a push notification to confirm if they have arrived at a location or not. 

This reduces the need for drivers to remember to open the application and manually progress a load.