Maintenance History

Overview of how to add Maintenance record of a tractor/ trailer in LoadOps


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    1. Overview

    2. Create Maintenance Record

    3. Filter Records


For the proper management of tractor and trailer maintenance, you can store all the historical maintenance records for compliance verification by going to Safety ▶️ Maintenance History.

Workflow: Please follow the below workflow on how to add Maintenance Record (Maintenance Record)

Image 1

Create Maintenance Record

You can create a Maintenance Record by going to Safety➡️ Maintenance History➡️ Maintenance Records➡️ Click on "Create New Record" as shown below.

Image 2

Select the Asset Type as Tractor or Trailer and enter the maintenance record details as shown below.

Image 3

You can toggle between Map and List views of the records by clicking on the button at the top right as shown below.

Image 4

You can delete a maintenance record by selecting it and clicking on the "Delete" button as shown below.

Image 5

Filter Records

You can filter Maintenance Records by Maintenance Item, Asset Type, and Equipment as shown below.

Image 6

Click on the "All Filters" option as shown above to get more filter options

Image 7

Click on the settings icon shown in Image 6 to show/hide maintenance record columns.

Image 7

You can click on "DOWNLOAD TABLE DATA" as shown above to download all the maintenance record details.