Load Relay

Overview on how to create a relay (split) on a load in LoadOps


Using the Relay feature, you can create multiple trips for a load. This is helpful if two or more different drivers will be used to complete a load. For example, an intermodal load must go to a yard before it continues to the final destination, or if a driver breaks down then another driver must take over. There are many use cases. Let us know how this helps your operation!

You can split a load that is Available/Planned, Assigned, or In Progress.

Steps to Relay a Load

Follow the steps below to split a load and create multiple dispatches.

  1. Go to Loads ➡️Loads ➡️ select the load to be split (or select the load from the Driver Dispatch Gantt chart).

    beta.loadops.com_loads_my-loads (9)

  2. On the load details page, click the "+ " symbol below any stop ➡️ Click on Relay.

    app.tango.us_app_workflow_Workflow-with-Loadops-dbc54242a698405890409026cf517402 (2)

  3. Enter the Connection Point details, such as selecting the Business Name from your list of locations, and/or adding an address within the Search Location field [Tip: Add your yard(s) and common connection points to LoadOps (Operations ▶️ Contacts ▶️ Locations) to quickly select them here].
  4. Update the Pickup to Connection Point details as needed (Note: If a Terminal or Driver was associated with the original load, the same Terminal and Driver will be automatically associated with this segment)
  5. Update the Connection Point to Drop Off details (Note: You are free to select a different terminal or leave the Driver field empty)
  6. Click on Add Relay
  7. beta.loadops.com_loads_my-loads (10)


Once the load is split, two trips with the same Load ID are created.

beta.loadops.com_loads_my-loads (11)

Assign a driver

Click on the down arrow symbol to expand the Relay load. You can assign a driver by clicking on Assign Driver option.

A trip sequence can also be changed by clicking on the up and down arrow symbol.


beta.loadops.com_loads_my-loads (14)


The Revenue Share is based on the mileage of each driver’s segment. How the driver payment is calculated can be checked under Finance section.  Please click on this link to know more about this in details: Driver Settlement