Overview of how to integrate your Samsara ELD into LoadOps


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1. Overview
2. Integration Steps


This integration allows you to connect your Samsara account, allowing you to view your driver’s Hours of Service and location from within LoadOps.


Integration Steps

Follow the steps below to activate this integration:

Within Samsara:

  1. Create an API Token within the Samsara dashboard (make sure to select Global Read/Write)
  2. Obtain the Group ID value for the Samsara dashboard, which can be found at the bottom of the Settings > API Tokens page

Once you have your key, follow the steps below within LoadOps:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > ELDs
  2. Select Samsara as the ELD Provider from the list (Picture-1)
  3. Click on Activate from the right side of the screen (Picture-1)
  4. Enter the display name, add the Access Token, and Group ID  (Picture-2)
  5. Click Save





You should see that your ELD has been successfully added. Now you can create or link your drivers. Learn how here