Summary of the Preferences options in LoadOps



In the Preferences section you have the option to configure many preferences that apply throughout LoadOps. These preferences can be found within Settings > Preferences. (Please see the Image below). This article will explain each preference section and the options provided using the images under the respective preference.

Workflow: Please follow the adjacent link on how to set up Preferences: Preferences

Financial Goals

Financial Goals Settings include:

  • Target Revenue per Mile
  • Target Revenue per Loaded Mile
  • Target Weekly Company Revenue
  • Variable Cost per Mile
  • Average Daily Cost Per Truck


Invoice and Settlement

Invoice and Settlement Settings include:

  • Invoice Terms
  • Load/Invoice ID Prefix
  • Next Load/Invoice ID Number
  • Settlement Start Date
  • Settlement Period Length



Loads Settings Include:

  • Activity Autofill Option for Load Stops
  • Default Equipment Type
  • Collect Load/Unload Timings
  • Calculate Detention
  • Make Bill of Lading Mandatory
  • Make Proof of Delivery Mandatory
  • Make Document Collection Mandatory



Driver Settings include (and are applied to all drivers by default but can be adjusted at the driver level also):

  • DVIR Preference
  • Work Week Type
  • Preferred Truck Stops
  • Ignore HOS Restrictions
  • Use Sleeper Birth Provision


Company Info

Company info settings determine what information will appear on invoices and settlements as a default without terminals enabled:

  • Company Name 
  • Company Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email
  • Email From (setting to determine reply-to on emails sent by LoadOps)
  • Company Address


Miscellaneous Settings

Miscellaneous Settings include:

  • Default Time Zone
  • Work Start Week
  • Default Language
  • API Key

Under Miscellaneous Settings, you can generate an API key in order to use the API data export function.