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Safety and Maintenance FAQs


How do I setup alerts for tractors & trailers? 

When do inspections have to be done?

To create a schedule for inspections and maintenance, go to the Tractor/Trailer detail page → Preventive Maintenance → Select a maintenance type → Add the next due details.

Our team is working to enable system-generated smart alerts to remind the users when an inspection schedule is due. Stay tuned for future updates.

How do I create a custom maintenance item & alert

How can I set recurring reminders for vehicle inspection?

To set recurring reminders, go to Settings → Preferences → Tractors/Trailers. Here you can set when you would like these reminders to appear.

What are the different endorsements I can add while making a new driver?

There are different endorsement options available for a driver while adding a new driver. Drivers can be endorsed for the following certificates:

  1. Hazmat
  2. Can operate only Class C passenger vehicles or school bus
  3. Double/triple trailers
  4. Hazardous tanker

Please visit https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/registration/commercial-drivers-license/drivers for more details.