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User, Driver & Equipment FAQs

How do I add payment terms to a driver? 

How do I edit driver preferences?

Driver preferences for your current drivers can be edited through the driver mobile app. To set the preferences for all future drivers, go to Settings ➡️ Preferences ➡️ Drivers (then edit preferences).

How do I add payment terms to a Dispatcher? 

How can I see the historical time offs of a driver?

Currently, we do not allow this feature directly within our application. Please contact our support team to generate historical time offs of a driver.

Why can I not find my driver on the map?

The driver may not be located on the map because we were unable to get his location from either the ELD or his mobile GPS. This may happen for a variety of reasons depending on your ELD. If you are facing this problem often for particular drivers please contact us.

How do I link a driver to ELD integration? 

Where can I find my driver's phone number?

Your driver’s phone number can be viewed by hovering on image2020-2-14_15-42-21 icon on the driver’s page. It can also be viewed from the driver’s detail page.

How do I assign a driver to a tractor/trailer? 

How do I schedule Driver Time off? 

How do I assign a driver to a load - Driver is not listed as an option? 

How do I deactivate a Driver? 

How to Stop receiving driver alert notifications