Driver Time Off


In LoadOps, a time-off segment can be added to a driver's timeline to indicate when they are not available to work. Drivers actively taking time off will not be able to receive load assignments or dispatch during this period.

Adding Driver Time-Off

  • To add Driver Time-off, please go to Dispatch Page
  • Click on the Driver and then click on View Details
  • Then, click on the three vertical dots symbol at the top right of the screen
  • Click on Request Time Off
  • Select Previous Load, enter the Location
  • Also, select the Start Date and Time as well as End Date and Time
  • Then, click Save to add Driver Time-Off

Follow the below guide to learn how to add Driver Time Off

Successfully entered time-off is shown on the dispatch page as a grayed section with the words "Vacation/Time Off." Clicking the segment brings up additional information that includes:

  • Time off Status 
  • Time off location
  • Duration
  • Start/End times
  • Miles to location & Driver time to location

Drivers can request time-off through the mobile app. Read our driver app article here


Generate Driver Time Off Report

  • To generate a Driver Time off report, please go to Reports > Basic Reports
  • Please click on "Create Advanced Report" at the top right side of the screen
  • Select the Data Source as Driver Time Off Report after which select the period from the drop-down, optionally, you can select the driver and status, if not, all the driver's time off report will be downloaded
  • Once you select the Driver Time Off report and period, click on "Download" to generate the IFTA report in an Excel file.

Follow the below guide to learn how to generate Driver Time Off Report