Settlements in LoadOps 

Settlements are used to capture expenses & reimbursements in LoadOps.

Under the Finance▶️Settlements page, expenses & reimbursements are grouped by Driver, Tractor or Web User (generally the dispatcher) 

Selecting one or more expense/reimbursement items will give you the option to create a settlement. 

Once created, a settlement can exist in one of two statuses; In Review or Closed

Looking for Driver settlements/Payment terms? Click here to read the article.

Settlements Panel

The settlement side panel can be used to modify settlements and add/remove pending payment items. Follow the guide below to learn more. 


Settlement Page

Settlements are housed in the Finance▶️settlements page under In Review or Closed. Use the page filters to sort by driver/user/tractor, settlement period, and more. 

Data Export

Download a copy of all your settlements by clicking on Table Settings and selecting the Download Table Data option.