Tractor Management

Overview of managing Tractors in LoadOps


In LoadOps, tractor specifications and registration information can be entered and managed using the equipment module. 

Adding Tractor

Go to Operations>Equipment>Tractor>Add Tractor to add a new tractor in LoadOps.

When adding a tractor you will be able to note the following: 

  • Registration details
  • Tracking
  • Ownership information
  • Tractor details
  • Insurance information

Follow the below guide to learn how to add Tractors in LoadOps.

Tractors can also be added via import. This is helpful when adding many tractors in bulk. If you would like to learn about importing, you can view our importing article here

Tractor Management


A tractor can be in one of four statuses. Select the menu options from the tractor side panel to change the status of a tractor. 

Tractor Status  Description
Screenshot 2023-05-18 134145

The tractor is not assigned to a driver or is being used on a current trip. 

Screenshot 2023-05-18 134159

The tractor is either on an active trip or has been assigned to a driver.

Screenshot 2023-05-18 134224

This is a manually selected status and prevents the tractor/trailer from being assigned to a trip.

Best used for tractor that is undergoing maintenance or repairs, but will be put back into operation in the future. 

Screenshot 2023-05-18 134234

This is a manually selected status and prevents the tractor/trailer from being assigned to a trip.

Best used for the tractor that is no longer with your organization. 

Tractor Filtering

On the Tractor page, Tractors can be filtered by the options below

Name Status In Transit Safety Issues
Driver Name Vin# Reg. Plate Reg. Expiry

Learn more about table settings & filters in our help article here

Tractor Detail Panel 

General: Used when creating or editing the general details of a piece of tractor. The general tab contains the following:

  • Driver Assignment: If the Status of the Tractor is available, you can assign a driver by clicking on Assign Driver under the General tab.
  • Registration: Under the Registration, Tractor # is mandatory, you can also enter VIN#, Registration #, State, Reg. Expiry Date
  • Tracking: This is used to track the location of the tractor. Enter the Location and select from the dropdown, you can also enter the Odometer, Source, and Last Updated date.
  • Ownership: You can enter the ownership details like the owner's name, phone #, email, and address, you can also select whether the tractor is Owned, Leased, or Contracted.
  • Tractor Details: Enter the Tractor Details like Make, Model, Year, Toll, and Fuel Details
    Select Sleeper Berth if the tractor is used for planning overnight trips.
    Select Manual Transmission if the gears are selected by operating a gear stick and clutch.
  • Insurance: You can enter the Insurance Provider, Validity as well as upload a document.

Alerts Tab: Used to add important alerts for the tractor. If you don't see the alert type you wish to add, a custom alert type can be created under Settings>Alerts

Click on the "+" button to add alerts which brings up the add new alert screen.

Select the Maintenance Item from the dropdown, Enter the Last Done and Next Due Date,

You can also enter the Last Odometer and Next Odometer miles.

Maintenance: Maintenance events can be added manually and are logged for record-keeping purposes. Custom Maintenance types can be created

Click on the "+" button to add Maintenance Item which brings add new maintenance record screen.

Verify the asset type by default is Tractor and the tractor id is greyed out 

Select the Maintenance Item from the dropdown, and enter the Completion Date, Odometer details

You can also select the Vendor, enter the Amount, and write Notes, if any

You can also upload a document, select Schedule Next Maintenance 

Payment terms: Tractor payment terms can be added here: these terms will be applied as settlements to future trips. Visit our Tractor Settlement article to learn more. 


More Questions? Visit our User, Driver & Tractor FAQs article to learn more!