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Trip Management

Overview of Trip Management in LoadOps


Trips are used to represent expenses & movement in LoadOps. Trips are created automatically by the system when a load is added- Each trip will have its own trip ID, and this trip ID will match the corresponding Load ID. 

A driver trip plan is generated by Loadops whenever a driver is assigned to a load. Please go to: Driver Trip Plan to learn more.

Trip Panel

All trips can be found under the Loads>Trips section. By selecting a trip, you can access the Trip panel, which consists of two tabs: Route and Finance.


The routes tab provides a comprehensive display of all the stops included in the trip. It also provides detailed information about the various trips that can be used to transport the shipments.

You can split a trip by adding relay stops, creating additional trip stops, assigning trips to drivers or assets, or re-ordering, just like you would with loads.

Screenshot 2023-07-14 023343



The finance tab provides an overview of the load invoices and trip expenses. Invoices are separated on a per-load basis, and trip expenses can be expanded and modified here. 

Screenshot 2023-07-14 030936

Trips Statuses

If the status of a load/trip is updated by a user, the status of the corresponding trip/load will be updated by LoadOps to match. 

The table below describes load & trip statuses. The last two columns indicate if a status is available for a load or a trip. 

Trip Status Status Description (tied to load)
Available The load is ready to be added to a driver's schedule.
Planned The load has been added to a driver's schedule but has not been sent to the driver. 
Assigned This load has been added to a driver's schedule and has been sent to the driver
Enroute to pickup The Load is dispatched and is en route to the first stop or has arrived at the first stop. 
In transit The Load is dispatched, the first stop has been completed, and is now en route to the following location.  
Completed The last load stop has been completed. At this point, an invoice will be created on the invoice page with the status of "ready to invoice"
Canceled The load has been canceled- can also be marked as "canceled, not invoiceable." 

Trip Actions

The status of a Trip can be changed using the menu button on the top right-hand corner of the Trip panel. Use the guide below to see which actions are available for each status. 

 Action Visible for the following Statuses
Delete All Trip Status
Assign to Driver Available
Revert to Available Assigned
Complete Available
In Transit

Trips on the Trip Page

  • All trips are housed under Loads>Trips. From here trips can be filtered and modified. To learn more about the trip page, visit our Trip page Article- Trip Page


Trips on the Load page 

  • Trips can be filtered by "Trip ID" on the load Page
  • The trip ID is indicated in the "Trip" Column

Trips on Load/Manifest Panel

  • The trip ID is displayed on the routes tab of the Manifest or Load panel. Clicking the trip link will open the Trip panel. 

    Screenshot 2023-07-18 203449

Trips on the Dispatch Page

  • Trip details can also be found on the Dispatch page under the Unassigned Trip section. 
  • Trips can be filtered by "Trip statuses" on the Dispatch page >>All filters
  • Click on the Trip ID to get the trip details.