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What's new in November

New features and integrations for November 2023

Three big additions to LoadOps as Fall begins!  

1. We've revamped the Settlement Module to allow Tractor Payments to map to user settlements (Owner/Operator workflows) and to create settlements in bulk by multi-selecting users and settlement dates.  This will automatically filter all pending payments based on ACTUAL completion dates of trips and creation dates for expenses.  We also added an additional status of Reviewed and a Pay Date so that you can properly process your pay cycles rather than pushing everything straight to complete.

2. We made Payments its own module. You can now record more information about your Customers' Invoice Payments and apply payments across multiple invoices if necessary.

3. New BitFreighter EDI integration! In partnership with BitFreighter, we have built an integration to allow users to send/receive tenders and invoices directly with shippers and brokers. Head over to https://www.bitfreighter.com/ to check out their service and contact LoadOps Support if you'd like to activate that integration.