Create Driver

Overview of how to create or add a driver in LoadOps

Create Driver

You can add your drivers to LoadOps from the Settings > Users Section.  Alternatively, you can import all your drivers from your ELD integration.


To add a driver manually, go to Settings  => Users  => Add Driver


Enter all the details of the driver within the popup and then click 'Add Driver'. By default, the 'Send Invitation' option is selected, which will send a login invitation email to your driver to the email ID you just provided.  

Note: Scroll down the page to fill in more details.




Each email must be unique. Otherwise, there could be an issue saving a driver's profile, deactivating, or deleting it.  Currently, you cannot be both a web user and driver simultaneously (these feature will be released in an upcoming update).  Drivers exclusively have access to the mobile application.  Web users can access the application on mobile devices through the web browser application and navigating to


There are two different employment types supported: 

  1. Owner Operator: These drivers can see the rate confirmation document, $/mile, and the load revenue on their LoadOps mobile app
  2. Employee: These drivers cannot see the rate confirmation documents or load revenue on their LoadOps mobile app.  (Additional preferences are being added to control these views)

You can send the invitation to the driver while creating the driver account. Alternatively, you can browse for the newly created driver from the list and click on the driver's name to go to the driver details. You can select the three-dotted line from the top right of the pop-up window you can observe the option 'Send Invitation' as highlighted below. You need to explicitly send an invitation to the driver in order to activate the driver-to-use system.


The driver will receive an invitation email to create a log in password and start using the driver mobile app.


The driver should click the 'Activate Your Account' link in order to create the login password and activate their account.

Now the driver can download the LoadOps mobile app, either in Android or in iOS, and log in using the newly created account.

Your driver will not be able to login into the mobile app until they complete the account activation process and set their login password.


There are different statuses of a driver's account as below:

Status Description Next Action Subscription
Active(Not Invited) Driver account is created, but the driver is not invited to create a login

-Send Invitation


The driver subscription fee will be charged
Active(Invited) Driver account is created and the driver is invited to create a login

-Cancel Invitation

-Resend Invitation


The driver subscription fee will be charged
Inactive Driver account is deactivated -Activate The driver subscription fee will not be charged
Active The driver account is active and the driver can start accessing the mobile app

-Block Access


The driver subscription fee will be charged
Active(Blocked) Driver account is active but their access to the mobile app is revoked



The driver subscription fee will be charged


To remove a driver or change the email ID, click "Deactivate" on the top right of the driver's detail page. A driver cannot be deactivated if they are attached to operating assets or active loads.  Be sure to reactivate, if necessary.